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We have IELTS batches at 07:00 AM-08:30 AM, 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM, 05:30 PM – 07:00 PM in KPHB branch, Hyderabad.

We have IELTS batches at 07:00 AM-08:30 AM, 09:00 AM – 10:30 AM, 05:30 PM – 07:00 PM in Ameerpet branch, Hyderabad.

We have IELTS online batches at 02:30 PM-04:00 PM, 07:00 PM – 8:30 PM

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For IELTS, we have 3 levels of programs; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

In Level 1, we guarantee you a score of 6.5 minimum. The duration is 35 days to 2 months. The fee is 8000/-

Level 2 is particularly for the score of 8,7,7,7 ( Canadian PR ) and the duration is 2 to 3 months. The fee is 15000/-

Level 3, we guarantee you a score of 8,8,8,8 and duration 3-5 months. The fee is 23,000/-

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Our training means not just finishing the syllabus. The training means getting your required score.

The fee we charge is always for the SCORE, but not for the duration no matter how long it takes. The fee is commitment for us.

Planning to write the IELTS? Looking for the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad? Then you’ve landed on the right page!

Score-Guaranteed IELTS Coaching by English Springs in Hyderabad, IELTS General Training, we guarantee a score of Listening 8, Reading 7, Writing 7, Speaking 7. IELTS: Get 8,7,7,7 and Emigrate to Canada.

we guarantee IELTS Academic 7 in all modules. IELTS: Get 7 in all modules and work in UK or Irland.

Coming to student visa, we guarantee minimum 6.5 bands for student visa. Get 6.5 and study in U.S.A or Canada or anywhere abroad. No score is impossible at English Springs. We will break the wall between you and the country of dream! Just come to us!

We also provide IELTS online coaching during weekdays and weekends for students across the globe. We also have IELTS weekend batches especially for the employees who cannot attend on weekdays.

For those planning to study or settle abroad, tackling the IELTS can seem like a massive task. However, this is an exam that only seems tough but is actually quite simple to comprehend. The reason most people who attempt the IELTS fail to get the score they desire is simply because they do not understand the test.

At English Springs, we are committed to helping you not only get the required score but also to excel and go beyond it! We offer the best ever IELTS coaching in Hyderabad you can hope to come across! We also provide IELTS online coaching to local as well as international test takers. We are among the top 10 IELTS coaching centers in Hyderabad dedicated to helping you get the score you are after.

We first began offering excellent IELTS coaching in Ameerpet, Hyderabad in the year 2002 and have grown unbelievably since then. We now provide IELTS coaching in Kukatpally as well and have plans to expand further. Scores of students have benefitted from our IELTS training and are now settled well in the countries they wished to go to. Besides IELTS, we also offer training in PTE, GRE, OET, CELPIP, GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT. You can browse our website for details of the other exams.

So, What Is The IELTS All About?

The International English Language Testing System, or simply the IELTS, is a uniform test held across many countries in the world. It’s meant to assess the proficiency of non-native English speakers in the English language as they desire to work, settle, or study in countries where this is the primary language of communication.

More than 6,000 organizations the world over recognize the IELTS as a legitimate English language test. These include universities, immigration administration, employers, and several government agencies. As we are among the best IELTS coaching centers in Hyderabad, trust us to help you get the required score and settle or study anywhere you desire! Join us and enjoy the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad!

IELTS on paper VS. IELTS on computer

The IELTS was previously only a paper-based test. It can now be given on a computer as well. There is no difference as such between both the formats – The answers must be written on a paper for the paper-based test and they must be typed on a computer for the computer-based test. The Speaking component, which is a face-to-face interview of the candidate with the examiner, is the same for paper as well as computer-based IELTS. For the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad, come to English Springs!

What Is The IELTS Test Format?

The total IELTS test time is around 2 hours and 45 minutes.

There are two divisions or segments of the IELTS test:

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. IELTS General Training

IELTS Academic is meant for those who wish to study in universities located in a primarily English-speaking country.

IELTS General Training, on the other hand, is meant for those who wish to immigrate, work, or gain unacademic training in a foreign country which has English as its first language.

English Springs institute provides the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad for both these formats!

About The IELTS’ Test Components:


There are four parts or components in the IELTS test – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The Listening, Reading, and Writing parts of the IELTS will be held in that order on the same day in a single sitting. Meanwhile, the Speaking test may be taken 7 days prior to or after the remaining tests. In some cases, it is taken on the same day as the other components. We offer the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad and ensure you get the highest possible score in each of these components.

  • IELTS Listening

30 Minutes plus 10 minutes of additional time to transfer the answers to the answer sheet.

There are 4 sections in the Listening test of IELTS with 10 questions in each section. Each section contains instructions on how to do the test along with giving candidates the chance to look at the questions before the audio begins. Candidates should expect to hear a range of accents spoken in the IELTS Listening test. Marks will be deducted for incorrect spelling and grammar.

Note that the audio for the test can be heard only one time.

  • IELTS Reading: 60 Minutes

IELTS Reading entails a set of different kinds of questions such as labeling diagrams, multiple choice, identifying information, and short-answer questions among other things. Marks are deducted for incorrect spelling and grammar. Also, this component is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General applicants.

IELTS Academic Texts: There are three texts taken from journals, newspapers, books, magazines, or online sources. The topics of all the texts are of general interest to students at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.

IELTS General Training Texts: There are 3 sections here. Section 1 consists of two or three short texts that deal with general topics such as notices or timetables. Section 2 consists of two texts pertaining to work-related topics such as contracts, job descriptions, or training material. Section 3 has a single albeit lengthy text about a general topic. This is the most difficult section out of the three as the text here is usually more complex, detailed, and descriptive. It is taken from magazines, newspapers, or other sources.

  • IELTS Writing: 60 Minutes

The Writing component of IELTS is made up of two separate tasks. Examinees must complete both these tasks to successfully attempt the test.


Task 1 for IELTS Academic entails descriptive study of statistical or non-statistical data such as a pie chart, table, or graph among other things. For IELTS General Training, Task 1 entails writing a formal, semi-formal, or informal letter.

Task 2 constitutes writing an essay. This task is the same for IELTS Academic as well as IELTS General Training applicants.

  • IELTS Speaking: 11 to 14 Minutes

IELTS Speaking component is a formal face-to-face interview of the test taker with an examiner. It has three separate rounds:

Round 1 is where you are asked about your personal details.

Round 2 is where you will be given a task card along with the cues. A minute is given to prepare the answer after which you must speak uninterrupted for 2 minutes.

Round 3 is where the examiner and the test taker will discuss either a random topic or the topic covered in the previous round.

We offer the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad for all these components!

IELTS Scoring


The scoring for IELTS is done on a nine-band scale. Each of the components of IELTS – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking – are scored out of 9 bands. The individual marks for these components (called Raw Score) are then averaged to calculate the overall band score. Enroll with us and avail the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad today!

  • IELTS Band 9 – Expert user
  • IELTS Band 8 – Very good user
  • IELTS Band 7 – Good user
  • IELTS Band 6 – Competent user
  • IELTS Band 5 – Modest user
  • IELTS Band 4 – Limited user
  • IELTS Band 3 – Extremely limited user
  • IELTS Band 2 – Intermittent user
  • IELTS Band 1 – Non user
  • IELTS Band 0 – Did not attempt the test




    1. How soon will I get my IELTS results?

Your results, or Test Report Form (TRF), will be emailed to you generally 13 days after you have taken the test. You may also be able to check them on the official website of the British Council or IDP. Certain exam centers offer online or SMS alerts as well.

    1. How early can I retake the IELTS test?

As such, there are no restrictions and you can attempt the IELTS test as many times as you want. Avail the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad with us and be sure you’ll need to give the test just once!

    1. How long is the test report valid?

IELTS test results are valid for a period of two years after which qualifiers must attempt the exam again. Most recognized organizations will refuse to accept IELTS results over 2 years old unless provided with proof that the candidate has actively maintained and tried to improve their level of English since taking the test.

  1. What if I am dissatisfied with my IELTS score?

You can ask for a re-evaluation! Often times, test takers unhappy with their scores have taken this route and found that their revised scores have come out better. In such cases wherein the re-evaluated scores are higher than the initial scoring, the total re-evaluation processing fee is refunded!

Here’s what each of the nine IELTS bands mean:

What English Springs IELTS Coaching Offers You:


Our IELTS training in Kukatpally as well as Ameerpet is focussed entirely to help you get the required band score. We offer the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad and are perhaps the only institute that charge you for the band and not the duration of the course. What that simply means is that should you fail to achieve the band you wish to, we will keep working with you until you get your desired score at no extra cost! Here’s what you can expect when you choose us to give you IELTS coaching:

Type of IELTS course:

IELTS Level 1

  1. Whom the ielts course is for: This is a specially designed IELTS course for those who wish to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or diploma studies in fields other than medicine. We guarantee you a minimum ielts score of 6.5 in all components.

  2. Duration of the IELTS course: 35 days

  3. Components covered: IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Speaking.

  4. IELTS Mock tests: Approximately 10 full mock tests are offered.

  5. Two IELTS speaking interviews.

  6. Course validity: 3 months

  7. Mode of IELTS training: Classroom or online.

  8. IELTS Practice material: We aren’t known for offering the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad for no reason! There will be plenty of IELTS practice material given to enrollers as part of the ielts training program.

  9. Success rate: We can proudly say that we have a staggering success rate of 100% in securing students a band 6.5 score!


IELTS Level 2

    1. Whom the IELTS course is for: Fashioned meticulously, this ielts course is for those who wish to attain at least a minimum band of 7 in all IELTS components. Many of our ielts students have attained band score 8 as well!

    2. Duration of the IELTS course: 45 to 60 days

    3. Components covered: IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing, and IELTS Speaking, Grammar Classes.

    4. There are additional ielts classes and individual evaluation sessions as well.

    5. IELTS Mock tests: Approximately 25 to 40 full IELTS mock tests are offered.

    6. Course validity: Until you get the IELTS score you desire!

    7. Mode of IELTS training: Classroom or online.

IELTS Practice material: Besides the usual ones, additional practice material will be given to enrollers of IELTS Level 2 program for extra practice.

  1. Success rate: We can proudly say that we have a staggering success rate of 100% in securing IELTS students a band 7 score!

How To Register For The IELTS Test:

According to the test pattern of IELTS 2016, the speaking test is conducted as a one-on-one test to assess a candidate’s English communication skills. This means candidates are put through a real-life conversation with a real person to get their English conversation skills tested.


  1. Log on to or 
  2. Select the option Register”
  3. Select your preferred IELTS test date as well as the test city. You will see the seat availability status.
  4. Fill in the online IELTS test application form.
  5. Pay the test fee by credit card – Master / Visa.
  6. Get instant seat booking and acknowledgement.


You can also register for IELTS at English Springs!

Besides helping you attain the very best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad, we also aid you in booking the IELTS exam slot.

  1. Register online using the computer at English Springs and make payment of the test fee. You will get immediate confirmation of your seat. This is identical to online registration.
  2. Hand over a photocopy of your Passport (first and last page) and any observation pages.
  3. Hand over the Terms & Conditions document duly signed.
  4. Take the acknowledgement letter confirming your seat in the IELTS test.


Why Choose English Springs?


Visit us once and be assured that the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad can be found only at English Springs. The kind of comprehensive IELTS test preparation we provide and our high success rate has made us one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Hyderabad.

We have specially designed our courses in a way that helps each test taker to achieve the highest possible score. In fact, not just IELTS, but our all-inclusive training in PTE, GMAT, SAT, OET, and other tests are also fashioned to help candidates reach their full potential.

Find the addresses to our centers for IELTS coaching in Ameerpet as well as Kukatpally on the website along with our contact information.

Those staying outside of Hyderabad or India can opt for our IELTS online coaching course.

So hurry! Avail the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad with English Springs and set sail to work or study in the country of your dreams!

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