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English Springs Provides The Best CELPIP Coaching In Hyderabad!


English Springs offers the topmost CELPIP training in Hyderabad. The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, simply called the CELPIP, is a reputed international English language test. It is attempted by those who wish to immigrate to Canada. We have scores of people signing up with us each year for the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad! If you’re planning on giving the CELPIP test a try, English Springs is where you will receive the best CELPIP training in India.

We also offer CELPIP online coaching for those who cannot make it to our direct CELPIP coaching classes. We have branches in Ameerpet and Kukatpally both manned by expert faculty. Enroll in our score-guaranteed program and avail the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad today!



CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is a Canadian test that assesses the English language skills of individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada. A candidate’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities in the English language are judged by the CELPIP test which is offered in two different formats:

  • CELPIP General: Suited for candidates who need proof of their English language proficiency when applying for a Permanent Resident status in Canada. It is IRCC approved.
  • CELPIP General LS: Suited for candidates who need proof of their listening and speaking skills in English when applying for a Canadian Citizenship. It is IRCC approved.


English Springs offers the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad for both these test formats. Join us for scored-guaranteed training in CELPIP and ace this challenging test!

CELPIP Exam Pattern


As mentioned earlier, there are two versions of the CELPIP test. Thereby, the duration of the exam and the test components vary likewise. Get the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad for both of these subtypes only at English Springs. Take a look at the brief details of each CELPIP exam type below.

    1. CELPIP General Test Format


The total CELPIP General test duration is about 3 hours. The test contains four components and they are all held in one sitting. These components are:

      • Listening – 47 Minutes: Candidates must listen to passages and answer questions.
      • Reading – 60 Minutes: Candidates must read passages and answer questions.
      • Writing – 53 Minutes: Candidates must respond to the given questions with written answers.
      • Speaking – 20 Minutes: Candidates must verbally respond to on-screen prompts.


  1. CELPIP General LS Test Format


The total CELPIP General LS test duration is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. The test contains the following two components:

  • Listening – 47 Minutes: Candidates must listen to passages and answer questions.
  • Speaking – 20 Minutes: Candidates must verbally respond to on-screen prompts.


CELPIP Scoring


Each component of the CELPIP General test and CELPIP General LS test is given a CELPIP level. Each level denotes a different meaning. These CELPIP levels or scores have been measured against the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score levels. Take a look at the table below for a clearer understanding of how CELPIP levels match against CLB scores. We’ve also listed what each CELPIP level stands for.

CELPIP LevelCELPIP Test Level DescriptorCLB Level
12Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts12
11Advanced proficiency in workplace and community contexts11
10Highly effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts10
9Effective proficiency in workplace and community contexts9
7Adequate proficiency in workplace and community contexts7
6Developing proficiency in workplace and community contexts6
5Acquiring proficiency in workplace and community contexts5
4Adequate proficiency for daily life activities4
3Some proficiency in limited contexts3
MMinimal proficiency or insufficient information to assess0, 1, 2

There is no half-band scoring in CELPIP like in the IELTS. English Springs offers the best CELPIP coaching in India that will enable you to get the highest possible CELPIP scores! You can avail our extensive CELPIP training online or attend direct classes at the institute. Note that our CELPIP online training is as effective as our direct CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad.

CELPIP vs IELTS – Which Is Easier?


We receive several queries from people asking to know which is easier, CELPIP or IELTS. But before you can decide whether CELPIP or IELTS is easier, know that both these international English language tests are accepted and approved by the CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada. We offer the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad as well as top training in IELTS. Below is a table depicting in brief the differences between CELPIP and IELTS.

Test ComponentsListening, Reading, Writing, and SpeakingListening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking
Test Duration
  • CELPIP General Test – 3 Hours
  • CELPIP General LS Test – 1 Hour and 10 Minutes
2 Hours and 45 Minutes
CELPIP vs IELTS ScoreA CELPIP Level score of 1 to 12 for each sectionA score of 1 to 9 Band for each section.
Mode of ExamCELPIP is a computer-based examIELTS is primarily a paper-based test. A computer test format of the IELTS has recently been introduced
AvailabilityAround 33 test locations in Canada and the UAE among other placesOver 119 test locations in more than 140 countries
ResultsResults are available online within 4 to 5 calendar days. There is an express rating system (scores given in 3 days) for an additional feeResults may take anywhere from 10 to 12 calendar days

The above-mentioned are just a few brief points to shed some light on the CELPIP vs IELTS argument. In the end, it is entirely up to you which of these international English language assessment tests you wish to take. However, regardless of the exam you ultimately decide to attempt, be assured that English Springs offers the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad as well as topnotch IELTS training in India.


How soon can I expect to receive my CELPIP test results?

You will receive an email notifying you the moment your CELPIP scores are available. You can view your CELPIP test scores online through your CELPIP account within 4 to 5 days calendar days from the date of the test. Two hard copies of your CELPIP Official Score Report will be mailed to your registered postal address via Canada Post. You can choose to add Express Rating at an additional charge to receive the results within 3 calendar days of the exam.

Can I retake the test?

It is possible to retake the CELPIP test provided there is a gap of at least 30 calendar days between attempts. Not abiding by this rule may lead the test authority to cancel your CELPIP test registration. Avail our score-guaranteed CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad and be assured that you will need to write the test only once!

For how long are the CELPIP test scores valid?

Your CELPIP test scores are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the exam. The best CELPIP coaching in India is given only at English Springs! You can join our CELPIP online coaching classes as well.

What are the CELPIP test locations?

Besides Canada, CELPIP test centers are now available in the United States, UAE, and the Philippines. If you’re wondering whether taking the CELPIP test in Hyderabad is possible, no, it is not. But there is a CELPIP test center in Chandigarh, India. You can give your CELPIP exam in India at this center.

How much is the CELPIP test fee in India?

CELPIP exam fee in India is roughly about INR 10,900. You can check the official website https://www.celpip.ca/city/chandigarh/ for further details.

What kind of English does the CELPIP test use?

CELPIP uses Canadian English to test the English language proficiency of candidates across the world. It contains a mix of American English and British English among other elements. In short, it is the specific type of English spoken in Canada. It is important to note that both American as well as British English spelling are accepted in CELPIP.

CELPIP vs IELTS – Which one is easier?

It is a myth that one of these tests is easier than the other. Both CELPIP and IELTS are comprehensive and reliable international Enlglish language tests. It is entirely up to the test taker to decide which is the better option for him/her. Contact us for the best IELTS and CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad!

Our Score-Guaranteed CELPIP Coaching


English Springs offers the best ever CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad. We have an excellent faculty to help you achieve the highest possible scores in your very first CELPIP test attempt. Even those with relatively little knowledge about CELPIP have benefitted massively from our CELPIP coaching. Our CELPIP course structure can be modified to suit the specific requirements of different candidates. We also offer personal, one-on-one CELPIP training sessions to those who cannot or do not wish to receive training along with the other aspirants.

The course material provided by us is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. We also offer plenty of practice material to our students whether it is direct training or our CELPIP online coaching classes.

We have a vast number of test aspirants joining our CELPIP online coaching classes. This type of CELPIP online training is especially convenient for those who find it inconvenient to attend direct classes. Online or direct classes, either way, English Springs is the best place to receive the topmost CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad!

How To Book CELPIP Exam Slots


CELPIP slot booking is an easy process. There are three ways to book your CELPIP test slot: online, in person, or via mail. Those residing outside of Canada will need to visit the official website of CELPIP to book the CELPIP exam slots online. Check the available CELPIP exam dates and find the one that’s most suitable or convenient to you. Avail the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad at English Springs to ace the exam!

While booking online, you should have the required authentic identification documents in hand. You also must have a valid debit/credit card to make an online payment for the CELPIP slot booking.

Here’s the step-by-step online CELPIP test slot booking process in brief:

  • Visit the Official CELPIP website https://www.celpip.ca/
  • Create your CELPIP account if you don’t already have one.
  • Fill in all the details necessary to book the CELPIP exam slot.
  • Check the test centers and dates.
  • Select the test center and date that is most convenient for you.
  • Finally, make the payment online and book your slot.
  • Receive confirmation of your CELPIP slot booking.


At English Springs, not only do we offer the best CELPIP coaching in Hyderabad, but we also offer you guidance on how to book the exam slot. Allow us to guide you through the entire CELPIP test process and attain the highest possible score. Remember, you can also join our CELPIP online coaching course if you cannot come down to the institute everyday.

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