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English Springs (formerly known as the Institute of IELTS) is the first to have started coaching for IELTS (2002) and PTE (2013)at least in India, if, least likely, not in the entire world.

At English Springs, thousands of students have been secured with more-than-required scores (particularly 7 in all modules in IELTS and 65 in all modules in PTE)

    •  ES faculty are vastly experienced, aptly qualified, always accommodating and at your service for at least 10 hours everyday.
    •  ES teaching techniques are unimaginably innovative and infallibly methodical, solely aimed at securing the highest possible scores.
    •  ES proudly provides our students with exhaustive, real standard course material including audio files.
    •  ES assists you in booking the test anywhere in the world.
    • ES offers regular week-day batches, Week-end batches, Fast-track batches and importantly, on-line classes.



The unique feature of ES

Training Experitce

The unique feature of ES

The unique feature of ES is that, we never charge a fee for a duration or course; we charge a fee for a score! So until you get the score you need, the total responsibility rests with us. Once you join ES, we relieve you only with score, no matter how long it takes and how many hours it demands from us

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